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Building a Wireless Canopy in the Philippines for a Connected Lifestyle

About Us

PhilTower is a registered Common Tower Provider in the Philippines building shared telecommunications structures and facilities.  Our solutions include providing outdoor and indoor coverage that are not just functional, but can also blend in with the surroundings and are pleasing to the eyes.

PhilTower’s digital infrastructure is future proof  and leverages on leading edge innovation and energy efficiency.

We are part of a regional group with presence in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Myanmar.


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Experienced roll out and Project Management Engineers

Our experienced roll out and project management engineers follow best practices from site survey and acquisition to site build and activation so that we are able to deliver sites to our partner operators at the fastest time possible and at the highest quality.


Creative and Innovative Design team

PhilTower is proud of its team of design engineers who are capable of developing infrastructure solutions that adapt to the various needs of our partners and customers.


Operations and Maintenance team

PhilTower’s Operations and Maintenance team work closely with our mobile operator partners so that there will be strict adherence to service standards and a fast response to service restoration.

“Covering the Philippines with Digital Infrastructure”

Enabling A Connected Lifestyle

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