Environmental and Social Responsibility (ESR) Policy

Environmental and Social Responsibility (ESR) Policy

We are committed to complying with environmental and social laws, regulations, and recognized international and national standards.

1. ESR Policy Summary

Phil-Tower Consortium, Inc. (“PhilTower”) is committed to “Enable the connected lifestyle” and responsibility in stewardship of ESR. Phil Tower’s approach to environmental and social risk (“ESR”) identification, assessment, and management support this purpose statement.

Phil Tower’s company-wide ESR Policy provides a robust framework for embedding environmental and social risk management into business-decision making and is reviewed annually.

The ESR Policy establishes processes for identifying, assessing, managing, mitigating, and reporting material environmental and social risks across the business, including the following areas:

• Non-discrimination and equal opportunity.
• Freedom from child labor, forced and compulsory labor.
• Freedom of association and collective bargaining.
• Labor and community grievance mechanisms
• Community health, safety, and security practices.
• Internal and External stakeholder engagement and management
• Indigenous peoples and cultural heritage.
• Resource efficiency and pollution prevention.
• Biodiversity and natural resource management.
• Environmentally sensitive or protected areas.
• Climate risk and energy transition.

The policy is based on international guidelines, including the International Finance Corporation Performance Standards.

2. The ESR Policy requirements include:

• Development of policies, frameworks, processes and tools to achieve this goal;
• Screening suppliers, and contractors for material environmental and social risks;
• Assessment, categorization, mitigation, and management of environmental and social risks across all the operations;
• Due diligence requirements guided by Phil Tower’s Risk Assessment Tool;
• Escalated decision-making and approval processes, alongside the credit approval process, for material environmental and social risks;
• Identification and compliance with applicable environmental and social laws and regulations, including national and international standards; and
• Monitoring and reporting requirements on a regular basis.

3. Business Application

The ESR Policy is applicable to all the divisions, and they are required to maintain business-specific due diligence and approval processes consistent with the company-wide ESR Policy.

Businesses with direct and indirect equity interests are also required to have at a minimum, a procedure to manage and report on environmental and social risks and escalate and report on environmental and social incidents.

4. Governance and Reporting

Aligned with Phil Tower’s risk management approach, the Environmental and Social Responsibility Committee (ESR Committee) provides oversight of ESR Policy operation and compliance. The ESR Committee members provide advice and support on the ESR Policy application and is responsible for reporting to the PhilTower Board.

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