Powering Cell Tower Infrastructure in the Philippines

Outdoor Solutions

Our solutions for shared mobile infrastructure cover a wide spectrum, depending on the coverage & capacity needs and real estate availability. From ground based towers, to monopoles, camouflaged towers and street lamp poles, we ensure that we provide ubiquitous coverage with minimal environmental and neighborhood impact that meets the everyone’s need for a connected lifestyle in a smart city.


PhilTower’s ground based towers follow strict international and local quality standards including adherence to wind factors prevailing in the areas.  These towers are ready to handle equipment that will provide the macro coverage and high subscriber capacity to ensure coverage depth and reach.

PhilTower’s strategic partnerships provide for a steady supply of towers at the volume requirement needed by our mobile operator partners.

Microcell Poles

Part of PhilTower’s innovative and creative solutions is the deployment of Microcell Poles designed to target horizontal residential and commercial communities that may not have the real estate space to accommodate ground based towers.

Our Microcell poles allow for optimum use of available public real estate space to provide residents access to broadband service, voice and sms  services. These lamp post towers blend in with the surroundings and prevent the eyesore of tower clutter.

Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 5.28.42 PM


In densely populated areas, PhilTower’s rooftop solutions provide adequate coverage and capacity.  We ensure the high quality installation of these rooftop sites so that it can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 5.28.56 PM

Cell on Wheels

In emergency situations, PhilTower can deploy passive cell on wheels units. From a simple trailer mounted unit (cell on wheels) to a truck mounted unit (cell on light truck) or even a semi-trailer unit, Philtower provides a variety of styles of cell on wheels mobile tower trailer systems with telescoping tower sections which allows us to build you a solution that matches your unique and precise needs.


Digital In Building Solutions

Providing adequate indoor coverage is essential to any home or business located in multi-dwelling units. Our extensive experience in designing in-building communications system inside office and residential buildings, malls, hospitals and convention centers assures our partners of extensive indoor coverage so you will always be connected at the optimal speed. Leveraging on the best of breed solutions, we design and implement high capacity passive and active DAS and small cell systems.

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