Work Health, Safety, and Environmental Policy

Work Health, Safety, and Environmental Policy

Phil-tower Consortium, Inc’s (“PhilTower”) vision is to enable fast connectivity across the country by building telecommunication infrastructure, support advanced technologies, and providing world-class telecom services and solutions to MNO.

To achieve this ambition, PhilTower embraces the company values of teamwork and good work ethics, and strives towards excellence. We aim to prioritize our employees, contractors, customers, and public safety and well-being and work together to improve our health and safety culture continuously.

PhilTower’s WHSE Policy states the company’s intentions in delivering industry standard WHSE outcome, by providing a framework for embedding environmental, health, and safety risk management into its operations.

Our core WHSE goals are:

• Achieving injury-free workplaces; and
• Avoiding pollution and damage to the environment wherever we operate.

To achieve these goals, we will endeavor to:

• Provide a healthy and safe environment for people working and engaging with us;
• Promote a pro-active health and safety culture where our people at all levels work collaboratively to improve health and safety management;
• Maintain a framework to review health and safety goals regularly;
• Provide a structured WHSE management system, procedures, tools, and work instructions that are suitable for business, and devote appropriate resources and leadership for the implementation;
• Regularly review the WHSE Management system, in consultation with the management, employees, and contractors, for continuous improvement;
• Apply Risk Management Framework to identify and appropriate, eliminate controls, and/or reduce health and safety risks relevant to business;
• Provide health and safety training, instruction, guidance, and information to our employees, as relevant to their roles and responsibilities
• Encourage all employees to report unsafe acts and conditions and incidents, and be responsible for their own safety;
• Empower employees to intervene, refuse, or stop work if there is the presence of danger;
• Strive toward using appropriate and accredited contractors and monitor their safety performance;
• Minimize the ecological impact and promote pollution prevention of our operations through improved process efficiencies, source reduction, reuse and recycling;
• Comply with all applicable laws, regulations, permits and other requirements to which we subscribe;
• Communicate our WHSE performance to our stakeholders and seek their involvement wherever applicable;
• Share learning and best practices to promote and support our health and culture.

PhilTower’s WHSE policy is enabled through corporate standards, business policies and management practices. Implementation is achieved through management and employee engagement, allocation of sufficient resources, review and corrective action systems.

PhilTower’s WHSE policy is an integral part of PhilTower’s business conduct and will be revised whenever necessary to ensure continuous improvements and meet the needs of the organization and stakeholders.

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